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UF1000 device can be used as torque tester & torque controller in different application.



  • The UF1000 Torque Tester is suitable for click wrenchs, dial and electronic wrenchs and in ‘track’ mode will continuously monitor the torque signal.

  • There are three torque units — Nm , lbfft and kgfcm. 

  • UF1000 Torque Tester also has a user selectable ‘limit’ feature. The operator sets the target torque and tolerance will calculate whether the reading is within tolerance and indicate the result by illuminating LED lights: green=ok, red=Nok.

  • UF1000 Torque Tester has an RS-232 output and comes complete with an RS-232 cable.


  • ‘UF1000 Torque Controller’ adds a power type torque tools control of features.

  •  The UF1000 Torque Controller provides both closed-loop torque control and opened-loop torque control.

  •  The UF1000 Torque Controller provides precise torque control as well as multiple parameter set capability and easy to program.

  • Compact in design, the UF1000 Torque Controller provides operator feedback via a large digital display and color LED's for parameter set identification, torque and joint condition status. There are OK / NOK indicator lights for out-of-spec conditions.






5-Digit Seven segment LED display ,0.75” digit height

Units of measurement

Nm , lbfft , kgfcm , select by Unit Button

Mode of measurement

First Peak , Peak , Track , select by Mode Button

Auto reset hold time

1-9 seconds

Peak mode reset

Auto or Manual

LED Indicators

OK / NOK Indicators

Serial Port

RS 232 port

Communication settings

115200 Baud, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity




230mm wide X120mm height X 65mm depth


External Wall Mount Transformer to 5,12VDC

Operating Conditions

Temperature: 0 to +50 degrees Celsius

Humidity: 0 – 95% non condensing





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